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Stainless Steel Plate Magnets

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Stainless Steel Plate Magnets are used to remove scrap metal from items such as grains, glass, chemicals, plastics, minerals and foodstuffs. These units are primarily used in ducts and chutes or suspended over conveyor belts. Plate magnets prevent damage to equipment and product contamination by effectively removing tramp iron from free-flowing materials and materials under pressure. They provide permanent magnetic strength and are easily installed to fit most granulators in use today. Five standard models are available with widths starting at 6 inches.

Price quotations are available on request, as are optional features:

  • All Stainless Steel Construction for resistance to a corrosive atmosphere and for materials often required for the food handling and processing industries.
  • Hinge Mounting for installation in chutes and ducts. Magnet swings down for easy cleaning.
  • Special Barriers & Steps for more positive removal of tramp iron.
  • Liquid Tight Construction prevents moisture from entering unit.
  • Special Mounting Holes either tapped holes in back face or through holes in flanges for stationary installation. (Flange will be increased by 1/2" to allow for holes.)

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