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Exposed Pole Tube Magnet

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  • Open flow design is ideal for use where product degradation is a concern
  • Ideal for use in dense phase systems operating at or below 15 psi
  • Typical installations include processing of pelletized plastics, foods, feed and grain or conveying of fibrous products or similar products that may have a high moisture content with a tendency to clog or congeal
  • Ideal for use ahead of processing equipment and bulk load outs to assure product purity and protect machinery from tramp metal damage
  • Cart mounted models available for truck and rail car bulk unloading.

    Exposed Pole Tubes have the magnetic portion built into the body of the housing. Ceramic EP tubes are ideal for capturing large tramp metal such as nails, bolts or screws. The Rare Earth version can capture fine particles of metal. Rare Earth EP Tubes feature a door mounted magnet (removes magnet from product flow for cleaning).

    Features: Leak-Resistant Seal and Stainless Steel Construction.

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