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Series CU Conveyor

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The Series CU (Car Unloader) Conveyor is the answer for unloading bulk materials such as beans, grains, sand and fertilizer from controlled-opening hopper-bottomed railcars and trailers.

It is built for rugged use, handling up to 90 tons of material per hour on the 24" wide belt, and 120 tons of material per hour on the 30" wide belt (based on 60# per cubic foot material).

The Series CU Conveyor is equipped with a wheeled undercarriage, located at the conveyor's balance point for convenient one-person positioning.

Initially designed for truck and railcar unloading, the Series CU Conveyor has been used for unloading hopper-bottom tanks, for receiving product from low clearance conveyors and load out augers, and anywhere products require an efficient, gentle transfer of material.

The Series CU Conveyor features heavyduty construction and common-sense design, reducing down-time and increasing your bottom line.

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